Super Mario Kart Golf Baseball Soccer 360 is a Shame which, even though it has him in its name, has no sign of Mario.


One day, Bowser came and used evil magical powers he acquired from beating the snot out of Shigeru Miyamoto to force him into giving him them. His evil magical powers made everybody cursed to have to drive in a car which is constantly doing burnouts while attempting to play soccer with a baseball bat and a hole where the goals should be to land the ball in. The storyline received multiple comments, but for some reason when they were revealed they were completely censored. Wonder why.


Unlockable Characters

  • Meta Knight Maskless
    • Info: Because he has no mask on, if any of your rivals see him they automatically die making him the best character ever besides the other unlockables.
    • How to Unlock:
  1. Turn the game on
  2. Turn the game off
    1. Make sure the game is on when you turn it off
  3. Turn the game on
  4. Go and do The ADV-N-R mode.
  5. Throw your remote into the ocean
  6. Wait 365 days with your game remaining on and without you touching anything
  7. Find your remote (if your remote no longer works then it's your fault)
  8. Bite your remote while you have braces on
  9. Throw it at your TV screen
    1. Your TV screen will most likely break, but who cares
  10. Turn the game off without saving
  11. Press multiple random buttons while spinning around in circles
  • Note: Only the last step is required, the rest is there for idiots who actually try doing it
  • Bowser
    • Info: He sucks.
    • How to Unlock:
  1. Stab yourself with a butter knife.
  2. Put the butter knife on top of the disc and try getting it into your console. When it does, the console will break but when you buy a new one Bowser will be on your game
    • Info: You automatically win as soon as you press Accelerate as this character
    • How to Unlock:
  1. Get a soccer ball, baseball bat and a shovel
  2. Put them away
  3. Hopefully your house will get invaded by random people who actually know how to unlock him

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