Super Mario Kombat is a Shame that contains blood violence and stuff. Each character has different moves to act clinically insane in Super Mario Kombat. It has lots of characters each one with their own types of violence. It has lotsa many minigames, too.


Unlockable Characters

  • Evil Guy unlocked by beating Bowser on HEAD ASPLOSION.
  • Shy Guy unlocked by beating the final hater or farting at the console with 1000 decibels.
  • Mallow unlocked by defeating You in Defeat You Mode.
  • Minotaur Guy unlocked by creating 15 REALLY HORRIBLE stages.

Final Kills

Final Kills are the worst kinds of moves ever created by Nintendo:

  • Minotaur Guy's Final Kill is where he eats a random player.
  • Mallow's Final Kill involves to make an enemy eat so many marshmallows that he will asplode.
  • Mario's Final Kill involves turing into a cookie and slaming a random enemy violently.
  • Luigi's Final Kill involves by turning into a Super Pickle.
  • Slimy King's Final Kill is where he simply makes people slimy.
  • Evil Guy's Final Kill involves grabbing an enemy, shaking the enemy and sitting on the grabbed opponent.
  • King Dedede's Final Kill involves smashing an enemey into Cake!
  • Shy Guy's Final Kill involves taking its mask off, showing his enemy his true ugly form.

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