Super Mario Palette Swaps known as Super Mario Twins in Japan, is a game that has Mario and Luigi in it (they're palette swaps of each other). This is also the only game featuring Mario's long-lost grandfather Ital.

Super Mario Palette Swaps


Blah blah blah blah

Toad boring Mario.

Toad gives so much boring advice to Mario, that Mario wants to kill Toad. You play as Toad for the beginning of the game, and then as Toad for another part chasing Mario. After the Mushroom Cops arrest Toad, Ital appears.

Ital appears he is the long lost grandfather of the palette swaps. Then Peach is kidnapped by Bowser (in the manual it accidentally said he was kidnapped by a guy named blah blah, however this wasn't accidentally this was true even thought Lamek didn't kidnap Peach but he did).

Mario, Luigi, and Ital go to an adventure to save Peach.


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