Super Mario Siblings is a shame made shortly after Mario and Luigi were hired by Nintendo again. Although Mario hates Hitario, Hitario makes his second to last appearance in a shame, since he was killed by Mario later.



In each level you can play as five different characters:

  • Level 1 - As this is the start of the game you can play only as three characters: New Mario, Malleo, and of course The Original Mario.
  • Level 2 - Luigi starts to get very, very, very angry because the Marios are doing all the work for him, so you can play as New Luigi, Weegee, and of course Waluigi.
  • Level 3 - Luigi is not so angry now so you can play as all six characters.


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Mario and Luigi watch a Hannah Montana rock concert on the MK Channel. Suddenly Hitario appears and kidnaps Hannah Montana. Now Mario and Luigi go to Toadsworth. Toadsworth tells them that Hannah Montana is going to be held hostage, so Mario and Luigi set out to rescue her.


In this game you have to do all sorts of stupid things such killing Hannah's other fans or killing Mario's ex-girlfriend, otherwise Hitario's minions won't let them to go to Hitario's castle because they're aren't stupid enough. In the ending of the game, Hannah reveals herself to be Micheal Jackson.