Mario Galaxy

The cover for the game

Super Mario Solar Systems is a Shame for Nintendo Pii, featuring a Revived Mario, Luigi, WaBoshi and Mr. L as main characters.


Mario had been revived through the help of the DragonBalls by Luigi, since he still owes him a bar of Pop-Tart. After he does this however, Bowser comes and swipes the princess (again). Waboshi then appears running from the earthquake caused by Rosie O'Donnel when she raised her eyebrow, then Mr.L comes from nowhere and causes the same fate as when a Grue and an AntiWaEurg come together, and they are all pulled by an evil monster called Rosalina and it's Star-Shaped minions. It reveals that, in order to rescue Peach, they must get the Space Dragonballs, unfortunately there are 240, So the group sets out to get them.

After 2 and half seconds (Aka a decade), they find them all, The group sets out for That other part of space of like 304283 light years from here and fight Bowser, who loses even after becoming Extremely High Bowser. But, It was just Ash Ketchum in disguise. The game ends with him Murdering the heroes. Then, About an hour later, Some pikachuz are eating Your corspe. Oh, Plus, You lose.


  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Waboshi
  • Mr. L
  • Bowser
  • Rosalina
  • Star-Shaped Minions
  • Extremely High Bowser
  • Ash Ketchum
  • pikachuz


The game has been reviewed by the ArcadeHobo, giving it a happy goody-stuff 4.6/5, commenting, "Good shame!? YAY! Good shaim, good shaim, good shaim! I WAWNT THAT SHAIM!!! Oh yea! Onion retarded as goody yum shaim face head eat taste british woooooo!"

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