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Super Nintendo Edutainment System OF TARNATION

Ahh! Said players when the super nintendo edutainment system OF TARNATION first talked to them.

The world's most evil super computer ever.

SERIOUSLY this thing's scary looking! with those red glowing eyeballs (Reset and Power buttons) and clawed arm (Controller) and sharp pointy teeth. anyways, Shigeru Miyamoto was tired of the Ness's horribly scary graphics and sound so he got a time machine, went into the future, got some terminators, some super computers, and some CHEESE, went back into the present, got an old Ness and put all the stuff into the magical mixing machine, creating the Super Nintendo Edutainment System OF TARNATION. he then made a bunch of shames and released them to the people of Koridai, thousands of people had heart attacks when they booted these things up. some tried to sue Nintendo, but the SNEdSes threatened to steal their souls if they did, and NOBODY wanted to go there! After a whole bunch of mideo shames shigeru miyamoto made the Super-FX chip to allow the SNEdS to make sprites and not just polywannacrackergons, well the people at nintendo thought it was a stupid idea and he would be fired if he didn't do anything to fix it. so shiggy and his pet rat went into the past, and made the super nintendo edutainment system have sprites and the chip make it able to make the polywannacrackergons and blah blah blah!1!11!!


At one point in the century, the systems revolted and killed kabajillionz of people all over the world, this was known as the Supah Revolt OF DREADHEAD. it was horible, the sneezes had LAZORZ AND WESTERN ACCENTS! and fired them all over the place! luckily, the consoles lost because they wen't too far forewards and accidentally unpluged themselves.

The Supah Revolt Evil Nintendo system!

The Supah Revolt Evil Nintendo system!

This is a home video of a Super Edutainmant System Attack.


  • The Super Nintendo Edutainment System OF TARNATION was evil
  • it was even more evil than NINA MYERS!
  • it has the new meaning of life, but everybody was too busy playing shames on it to care.