Super Orbulon RPG: Legend of the Seven Stickers STARRING ORBULON is a game released to the Nintendo GameIcosahedron in 2010.


Once upon a time, Orbulon was in his house doing nothing when Hamtaro (his "best friend") and Luma appeared with shotguns and stole Orbulon's stickers. Why did Hamtaro 'n'Luma stole the stickers? Because Hamtaro loves Ariel (Orbulon's girlfriend) (yes, the little mermaid) (talk about revenge). and Luma? (just NOBODY knows her reason). Later, Orbulon called his girlfriend (Ariel) and told the story to her, but Suddenly Evil Guy appeared with his Clock of Randomness and kidnapped Ariel and took her to the Random World of Randomness.

So, Orbulon decided to kill Hamtaro and save Ariel!


1: The City

Boss: Some tiny moron that no one cares about

2: Water World of Horror

Boss: Sushi-Cake

3: The Outer Space

Boss: Bianca Rinaldi A.K.A Alien

4: World of Warcake

Boss: General Cake

5: Mt. Rugged

Boss: Whacka-hoo

6: ???

Boss: ?

7: Star Wars

Boss: Luma and Luke Skywalker

8: Random World of Randomness

Boss: Evil Guy

9: Hamtaro's Evil Coupe´

Boss: Hamtaro, Luma, Evil Guy, Machine Made Orbulon


World of Warcraft developers tried to ban this game because of the world "World of Warcake"


In the worlds 4 and 6 there are no stickers

At the end Orbulon marries Ariel! and kills hamtaro

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