Super Quack Bros: Total Nincompoopness is a game that will be released for Nintendo GameClub by Nintendon't sometime in 1500. Its main characters are Obama and McCan't even though they NEVER appear.


  • Nothing is known about the gameplay since the GameClub strangely enough the controller is a golf club. Nobody from Rotten Fruits rated it as rotten.


About the Game

It's a fighting game where you must kill your character 2436234523462435246243532354543464654 times to win by committing Kirbycide.


  • CEO rated it as STINKY CRAP
  • Barack Obama wasn't in it and McCan't isn't even mentioned.
  • Kirby wasn't in it so the people couldn't commit Kirbycide, making the shame impossible to at least get one thingie.

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