The box art for Super Ronald Galaxy

Super Ronald Galaxy is an shame that will be released tomorrow but be delayed several times by Nintendon't to torture everyone into worshiping them for the Nintendo Pii. Nintendon't is also now making a sequel called Super Ronald Galaxy 2.


McDonald's is currently at the top of the fast food industry, far ahead of Burger King and KFC. The King and Colonel Sanders decide to stop Ronald McDonald, so they team up with the angry lumas, who got their orders messed up, and steal the Power Stars, the source of McDonald's power, and scatter them across the universe. Now, Ronald must recollect the Power Stars, and defeat The King and Colonel Sanders.


Hub Worlds

There are six hubs in the McDonald's Headquarters. To open up each hub, Ronald must gain a Grand Star, of which there are seven (the last is gained by defeating The King for the final time).

  • Eating Room - Opened by getting the Grand Star from McDonald's.
  • Parking Lot - Opened by getting the Grand Star from Colonel Sanders' Bucket Reactor.
  • Drive-Thru Counter - Opened by getting the Grand Star from The King's Secret Sauce Reactor
  • Storage Room - Opened by getting the Grand Star from Colonel Sanders' Hot Sauce Reactor.
  • Kitchen - Opened by getting the Grand Star from The King's Hamburger Plant.
  • Playroom - Opened by getting the Grand Star from Colonel Sanders' Chicken Plant.


Major galaxies are in bold.

Eating Room

Parking Lot

Drive-Thru Counter

Storage Room



Galaxies Not in Hubs


The shame has six boss levels. There is also a secret boss level once the Shame has been won.

  • Colonel Sanders' Bucket Reactor - Waluigi
  • The King's Secret Sauce Reactor - The King (Mini-Boss: A Jr. Whopper)
  • Colonel Sanders' Hot Sauce Reactor - Bowser
  • The King's Hamburger Plant - The King (Mini-Boss: A Whopper)
  • Colonel Sanders' Chicken Plant - Colonel Sanders in the KFC Mech
  • The King's Restaurant Reactor - The King (Mini-Bosses: Waluigi, Bowser, and Colonel Sanders)
  • Hidden Boss Level (Available after getting 120 Power Stars) - Mario's Kingdom - Boss: Mario
  • Hidden Boss Level (Available after winning Shame and beating Mario) - Ducky's base - Boss: Ducky

Mario Related Stuff

  • There's a sign in the game that says Mama Mia! if it is attacked.
  • Luigi's hat can be worn.
  • Peach's Castle is on a planet.
  • Bowser is a boss in the third boss level.

    Yeah, they just randomly steal your happy meals.

  • Mario's moustache can be worn.
  • Wario is sitting on a bench in the Race Cart Galaxy, is a boss in the Spring Land Galaxy, and is a boss in the Frozen Land Galaxy.
  • Donkey Kong is a boss in the Forest Galaxy and the Scrap Yard Galaxy
  • Mario is the boss holding the last Power Star.
  • Power Stars appear in other Mario shames.
  • Waluigi is a boss in the first boss level.
  • Daisy is a boss in the French Fry Galaxy, Spear Tower Galaxy, and Surfing Galaxy.
  • Princess Rosalina appears as a boss in the Ruins Galaxy, as she's complaing this shame is a rip-off of Stupid Mario Galaxy.
  • Those stupid Theives steal your Happy Meals, and you have to run into them to get them or just shoot them.
  • Ducky is an optional boss, but he is unbeatable because he spams INVALID!
  • A billboard is seen and it advertises Volvic Revive and it first appears Tyrannosarus Alan and George Volcano.

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