The box art for Super Ronald Galaxy

Super Ronald Galaxy is an shame that will be released tomorrow but be delayed several times by Nintendon't to torture everyone into worshiping them for the Nintendo Pii. Nintendon't is also now making a sequel called Super Ronald Galaxy 2.


Colonel Sanders and the King have kidnapped many power stars and ronald's wife for revealing to the world the secret recipe of KFC's Chicken! Help save the power stars before it's too late!


McDonald's is currently at the top of the fast food industry, far ahead of Burger King and KFC. The King and Colonel Sanders decide to stop Ronald McDonald, so they team up with the angry lumas, who got their orders messed up, and steal the Power Stars, the source of McDonald's power, and scatter them across the universe. Now, Ronald must recollect the Power Stars & Rosetta, So he can defeat The King and Colonel Sanders.


Story Mode (Normal)

Kid Friendly Game Mode (Easy)

Carnage Mode (Hard)


Connie8 redo by tommydickles-d99z2xo

Ronald McDonald

Rosetta (Female Ronald McDonald)

Code: GoRosetta! (Use this code to play as her)

Dummy (A Rainbow Pengiun)

Chico (Dragon head Flower)




Good Burger


Hub Worlds

There are six hubs in the McDonald's Headquarters. To open up each hub, Ronald must gain a Grand Star, of which there are seven (the last is gained by defeating The King for the final time).

  • Eating Room - Opened by getting the Grand Star from McDonald's.
  • Parking Lot - Opened by getting the Grand Star from Colonel Sanders' Bucket Reactor.
  • Drive-Thru Counter - Opened by getting the Grand Star from The King's Secret Sauce Reactor
  • Storage Room - Opened by getting the Grand Star from Colonel Sanders' Hot Sauce Reactor.
  • Kitchen - Opened by getting the Grand Star from The King's Hamburger Plant.
  • Playroom - Opened by getting the Grand Star from Colonel Sanders' Chicken Plant.


Major galaxies are in bold.


Eating Room


Parking Lot

Drive-Thru Counter


Storage Room


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Galaxies Not in Hubs






Yeah, they just randomly steal your happy meals.

World 1 Enimies

  • Angry Lumas
  • Goombas
  • Octoombas
  • Suckies
  • Poke Tower
  • Boulder
  • Piranha Plant
  • Burger Beast
  • Chomp Boi
  • Bullet Boi
  • Thorn Flower
  • Burner Boi
  • Bubble Heat
  • WanChomp Boi
  • Firey Cluck
  • Mr.Krabs
  • FlipBoi
  • Golden Chompy
  • Grrr
  • Ice Bat

World 2 Enemies

  • General Goom
  • Bom-Omb
  • Pirate Mole
  • Topper
  • Lighting Ball
  • Ket-Up(Lava Slime)
  • Migiti Goomba
  • Jam Fish
  • Blue Bubble Fire
  • Lava Geyser
  • Comp Bug
  • Comp Bug Stack
  • Octo Boi
  • Prickly Piranha Plant
  • Spiky Flipboi
  • Mini Flipboi
  • Grunt Mole
  • Liquid Shoot
  • Big Lighting Ball
  • Quack Cata
  • Beep Beep

World 3 Enemies

  • Jack o Goomba
  • String Bug
  • Boo
  • Bomb Boo
  • Clammy
  • Bone Fish
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Kremit Koopa
  • Mechpa
  • Porp Puff
  • Ted Bill
  • Box Tox
  • Wiggle Wiggle
  • Tweet
  • Pickle Boi
  • Waa Waa (Crying Onion)
  • Big Burger Beast
  • Migit Burger Beast
  • Stinky Burger Beast
  • Inky Burger Beast

World 4 Enemies

My ass by denly1990-d8kgjxe
  • Brr Sprite
  • Lily Sprite
  • Aqua Spike Ball
  • Pushers
  • Cold Bats
  • Sticky Burger Beast
  • Cra Cra Burger Beast
  • Burger Beast Tower
  • Beef Boi
  • Yee Hah Burger Beast(Cowboy Patty)
  • Flame Peno
  • McPizza
  • Freezee McFlurry
  • Senor Burger Beast(Lobster Patty)
  • Hot Dawg
  • Patty Cake
  • Bun Boi(Bread)
  • Yolk(Eggs)
  • Rabbid Rabbits
  • McFang(Bats)

World 5 Enemies

  • Tall SquidBoi
  • Ninja Whoppers
  • McGriddles Sandwich
  • Giant Milkshake
  • Dark Pickle
  • George Bush
  • Bowser's Wife
  • Happy (McDonald Happy Meal Face)
  • Dexter (Dexter Laborty)
  • Spingebill
  • Dolphin
  • Doge
  • CDI Link
  • Blue Ghost
  • Gray Cat
  • Jerry Box
  • Pokemon Mouse
  • Cranky Kong
  • Gray Dog
  • 2Spooky4Me Ghost

World 6 Enemies

  • Fire Cannon
  • Mines
  • Dry Dog
  • Fire Bar
  • Airnados
  • Banzai Bill
  • Thwomp
  • Poli wirl
  • Crazy Cog
  •  Crash Bandicoot
  •  Crunch Bandicoot
  •  Minion
  •  Brown Doge
  •  Bonzi Buddy
  •  Mii
  •  White Cat
  •  Flap Jack
  •  Woody (Toy Story)
  •  X Boo
  •  Rider Boo

Bonus World Enemies

  •  Purple Skeleton
  •  Sparkle Unicorn
  •  Red Bird
  •  Sponge Gar
  •  Angry Larry
  •  Ghost Guy
  •  Bulby (Jimmy Neutron)
  •  Arthur
  •  Nigel Thorberry
  •  Thomas the Tank Engine
  •  Shigeru Miyamoto
  •  Uncharted Man
  •  Little Kid
  •  Snake (MGS)
  •  Green Snake
  •  Drake
  •  Josh
  •  Rainbow Frog
  •  Peppa the Pig
  •  Slowpoke


Eating Room

  • King Burger - King Burger's Attack (First Boss)
  • MegaUltraCowDestructorMech (Second Boss)
  • King Wasp - Evil Guy & Lindsay Lohan (Third Boss)
  • Daisy teh Wizard - Kallema (Fourth Boss)
  • Donkey Kong
  • R.R.R - Raa Raa Roo

Parking Lot Room

  • Whopper - The King's Hamburger Plant
  • Robotic Patty - The King's Secret Sauce Reactor
  • Subservient Chicken
  • Obama
  • Chuck E Cheese
  • Bowser

Drive-Thur Corner

  • Waluigui-Geist
  • Evil Guy
  • Lanky Kong
  • Miku
  • Illuminati
  • The King - The King's Hamburger Plant (Colonel Sanders in the KFC Mech)

Storage Room

  • Chick McNuggy - Colonel Sanders' Chicken Plant
  • Rosalina
  • Super Man
  • Jon Tron
  • Weegee
  • The King's Restaurant Reactor - The King (Mini-Bosses: Waluigi, Bowser, and Colonel Sanders)


  • Mario Mech
  • Ducky Mech
  • Mini McBowser Stack (Third Boss)
  • Banjo and Kazooie
  • Sanic the Hedgehog
  • McBowser - Hot Sauce Reactor


  • Peach teh Wizard
  • Naruto
  • Robotic Patty - Round 2
  • Yellow Guy (Filthy Frank Series)
  • Queen Burger
  • The King and Colonel Sanders

Cheat Codes

  • GoRosetta! - Play as Rosetta
  • RonaldsBigMac - Gives infinite health
  • givemeyourwallet - Gives infinite coins
  • iamadmittingiamacheater - Brings up Debug menu and Command console

Company Workers

  • Activision
  • Capcom
  • Rare Ware
  • Konami
  • EA Sports
  • Namco
  • THQ
  • Valve
  • Wiseau Films
  • Sega
  • Sonic Team
  • Dolby Digital Pro Logic II



Deutsch, German, English, Espanol, Japan, Nederland, Slovencina, French


Pre Story Cutsence

"Ahem! Today... I be goin to rap tha story of tha game. An awfully long time ago... In a strange n' far - off land, a big, bustling guy thrived. DAT Schmidt was a owner of a famous restaunt where all people people alright eat their and DAT Schmidt was holla'd DAT the Rosetta was the most beautiful girl ever and was straight up prosperous. But one day... tragedy befell from the girl for that pimped news channel.A pimped out person that struck the girl and kidnaps her and the stars from it's people. Darknizz filled tha skies, and the earth roared n' shook.Dat shiznit was as if tha straight-up ghetto has come ta a violent end. And up in but a single night... Da man took the army of baddies to his forces for the depthz of tha earth... Many dark moons rose n' set... Storiez of that was passed into the world of fairy tales... And when tha story came it was no longer known for help and held a relic of its past... Baddies gathered at dat spot and built the fortress to destroy the war and freshly smoked the world. But word soon spread among the players whoz decided to move into safety that has a ancient safety for everyone McDonalds and deep underground dat magnificent stars live their in cages rested there. Indeed... This is tha tale of the ronald mcdonald galaxy for his time of rogueport. Yes, dis is where it begins, in tha world of america. Da tale of tha quest for the legendary prize... Which is Super Ronald Galaxy starts here."

World 1 Intro Cutscene:

[It Shows The TV saying "Breaking News! KFC Tortures Chickens!"]

Rosetta: I'm here today to tell you the terrible secrets that KFC has been trying to keep from the public secret of their formula. It's Actually...


Grimmace: What the ...?!

[We Then see Rosetta kidnapped and some angry lumas around the stage]

News Reporter: Mmmmmph! Mmmmph!

Grimmace: Hey, guys! Rosetta been kidnapped!

Ronald McDonald: Rosetta's in Trouble! There's no time to lose!

World 1 End Cutscene:

It shows smoke.

World 2 Intro Cutscene:

Grimmace: Excuse me, but have you seen Rosetta? She's been kidnapped, and as usual, Ronald Mcdonald is the only who can save the day and what do you doing here.

Birdie: Don't you worry about that, Hey what are you looking for?

Grimmace: IDK.

Birdie: Well that's stupid.

World 2 End Cutscene:

It shows mechanical pieces being throwing straight down the ground.

World 3 Intro Cutsence:

Hotel Mario Intro (NOT JOKING)

World 3 End Cutscene:

It shows Colonel Sanders throwing an wrench.

World 4 Intro Cutscene:

KFC and Burger King Presents The Storage Room

Starring Colonel Sanders, The King, Brooke Burke, Subservient Chicken, Whooper Jr, and Cristina

Created, Produced and Selled by Microsoft @20**

World 4 End Cutscene:

It shows Colonel Sanders dressed as bowser.

World 5 End Cutscene:

It shows Grimmace questions why their is a bowser mask.

Game Ending:

Rosetta: Thanks for saving me! Now we have to let the world know that wicked Colonel Sanders and The King is Dead. With your help, we can let KFC know that nobody's going to eat at KFC until this cruelty stops.


Fusajiro Yamauchi: (Creator of Nintendo) Following further scientific analysis of Super Ronald Galaxy, the world's academic community has now generally accepted that Fred is in fact the world's first sentient potato. This discovery has landed him his own promotional cereal called "Beetleborg Bites" , now available at Target.

Obama: Obama was last seen riding a segway towards the general direction of the Grand Canyon screaming "I regret nothing" at the top of his lungs. Obama spawned five white fire smashes in an attempt to stop him, but his selfless act successfully stopped all wars.

Colonel Sanders: (Creator of KFC): Following a long and hard journey through the desolate, zombie - infested state of Pennsylvania, Obama sacrificed himself to raise a bridge and protect a group of survivors from the oncoming horde. He will be missed terribly.

Mario and Luigi: They retired from contributing to texture hacks in order to focus on being a full - time father to his beautiful baby boy. Sutorechimann is currently studying medicine at Hardvard and Seth, though hesitant to admit, couldn't be prouder.

Morgan Freeman: Following Pancake's humiliating defeat at the hands of Ronald and his Dog, Morgan Freeman took all of his cats training deep within the mountains of Tibet. They are due to return to the battle four hundred times more powerful in the summer of 2025.

Suzanne Collins (Creator of Hunger Games): Suzanne, who is not here right now, became the CEO of Humongous Games. She Took the company to iridescent new heights and a live-action trilogy of Pajama Sam feature films starring Jayden Smith as the titular character is now in the works

James McLamore: (Creator of Burger King): Several minutes after the explosion of burger king.It's has been hacked by Japaneses peeps. The suiting death toll is currently in the thousands and continues to ris. We here right now have locked your doors and windows before going to bed.

George Dayton: (Creator of Target): With the works on Super Ronald Galaxy being released, Target bids his friends to farewell for the souls to rescue of cosmos. They later returned as some kind of magical fish and proceeded to work on every bootleg game now and it's still working today

Ray Kroc: (Creator of Mcdonalds): Following the conclusion of Burger King, Ronald Mcdonald returns to his hom, where he powers has been strong than ever and can't fricken sleep.

Betty Cohen: (Creator of Cartoon Network): Betty was eventually unmasked and revealed that she was working for Nick instead of CN. No one really knows why it's a secret and life now continued without questions normally

Walt Disney: (Owner of Disney): After seeing the borderline of copyright infringing for work on Super Ronald Galaxy, the Walt Disney Company is being hunted down by Damien, and will prison them in the it's a small world ride forever. They set to work on Kingdom Hearts 3 as a summon

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong: They were going to contribute to Kingdom Hearts 3 but they forgot. LOL

Evil Guy: Everyone who knows this guy either is a idiot or a jerk because of the live stream of development for the agreement for Silvia Gunner making music. But later he got beaten up by Ricky Gervais and is now taken down by the crown prince and he later lives in London from the state of Illinois


Sonic Team: Seeing the works of Sonic 06,Sonic Lost World, and Sonic Boom. They has a courage to propose to another bad game for later and Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog would star in the game too. They also lived happily ever after in Australia kangaroos under the names Stanley and Major Pop. They now are expecting to make the game next year

Donald Trump: Donald is now jailed for life after making world war 3 happen. However he staged a successful breakout and is currently a fugitive on the run from the United States government. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Donald Trump, please contact your local police station immediately.

Taco Bell: They now are transferred to this place becuase the owners dad is died. After teaming up the beach people of the group here. They now battle at the corporation of cups to free the world of fibers

Valve Corporation: They grew up to become the new lead of Justin beiber. Good for him man, seriously, I'm impressed. Can we give hem a round of applause, please? Come on, come on.

Capcom: Pac Man Peeps quit capcom to join the internet for turkey and watch the latest Steven universe episode. They now live their lives attempting to grow a tail. It currently measures in at an impressive inches.

Konami: MGS, who contributed for the spirits in the game has joy and delight for bright futures in the games every day, they also train for his sensei which become new protectors of the earth. Society now accepts the warriors of china

State Farm:After Being Inspired by the game they leave the industry, Jake from state farm followed his dreams to perfrom at birthdays and at bar for chicken nuggets. He still hasn't worked quite yet but works for a fog machine

EA: Matt who works their was added as DLC for the Nintendo switch version of smash as a charater for the LOZ universe. He's also a clone of fox himself

THQ: The Entirety of this game was handed by him. To This Day he has made a lot of ytp's and they also comply on the art

Fox: They have been creating a timeline for lego's reboot.The Reality of lego's are used for currency. After the first lego movie, humans outlawed the animated reboots because everything is awesome


Rare Ware: The Police has officially called off for rare ware's nuts and bolts game for the conclusion of the triology. A memorial was dedicated to the white house with a lady who was removed from this planet

Activision: Tragically, not long after the release for the game, the company has been committed for event of delaying the game so much. As such, their was never hope

All texture's are made by UnMario Wiki

Trivia Mario Related Stuff

  • There's a sign in the game that says Mama Mia! if it is attacked.
  • Luigi's hat can be worn.
  • Peach's Castle is on a planet.
  • Bowser is a boss in the third boss level.
  • Mario's moustache can be worn.
  • Wario is sitting on a bench in the Race Cart Galaxy, is a boss in the Spring Land Galaxy, and is a boss in the Frozen Land Galaxy.
  • Donkey Kong is a boss in the Forest Galaxy and the Scrap Yard Galaxy
  • Mario is the boss holding the last Power Star.
  • Power Stars appear in other Mario shames.
  • Waluigi is a boss in the first boss level.
  • Daisy is a boss in the French Fry Galaxy, Spear Tower Galaxy, and Surfing Galaxy.
  • Princess Rosalina appears as a boss in the Ruins Galaxy, as she's complaing this shame is a rip-off of Stupid Mario Galaxy.
  • Those stupid Theives steal your Happy Meals, and you have to run into them to get them or just shoot them.
  • Ducky is an optional boss, but he is unbeatable because he spams INVALID!
  • A billboard is seen and it advertises Volvic Revive and it first appears Tyrannosarus Alan and George Volcano.
  • Their are Female Characters with mustaches
  • Morlands is a galaxy is referenced as a real shop


  1. Main Menu
  2. File Select
  3. Hub Station
  4. Level Selection
  5. Eating Room
  6. Forest Galaxy
  7. King Burger Boss
  8. Hamburglar's French Fry Race
  9. French Fry Galaxy
  10. MegaUltraCowDestructorMech Boss
  11. Cityscape Galaxy
  12. King Wasp Boss
  13. Crystal Galaxy
  14. Daisy teh Wizard Boss
  15. Donkey Kong Boss
  16. The Chariot Race with Felix the Cat
  17. Colonel Sanders' Bucket Reactor
  18. R.R.R - Raa Raa Roo: Boss
  19. Doritos Palaza Galaxy
  20. Whopper Boss
  21. Parking Lot
  22. Hamburger Galaxy
  23. Robotic Patty Boss
  24. Robotic Galaxy
  25. Obama Boss
  26. Wind Tunnel Galaxy
  27. Chuck E Cheese Boss
  28. Sunken Ship Galaxy
  29. Bowser Boss
  30. The King's Secret Sauce Reactor
  31. Subservient Chicken Boss
  32. Ketchup Galaxy
  33. Waluigui-Geist Boss
  34. Music Note Galaxy
  35. Evil Guy Boss
  36. Fantasy Ranch Galaxy
  37. Family Guy Galaxy
  38. Race Cart Galaxy
  39. Really Really Big Galaxy
  40. The Big Dipper Galaxy
  41. Dark Tower Galaxy
  42. The King's Hamburger Plant
  43. Homer's House Galaxy
  44. Scrap Yard Galaxy
  45. Inferno Galaxy
  46. Frozen Land Galaxy
  47. Sand Tunnel Galaxy
  48. Colonel Sanders' Chicken Plant
  49. Spongebob's House Galaxy
  50. Surfing Galaxy
  51. Purple Coin Galaxy
  52. Fast Food Galaxy
  53. Morlands Galaxy
  54. The King's Restaurant Reactor
  55. Birdos booger army galaxy
  56. McDonald's
  57. Flooded City Galaxy
  58. Toy Box Galaxy
  59. Spear Tower Galaxy
  60. Block Land Galaxy
  61. Bakery Galaxy
  62. Ski Moutain Galaxy
  63. Fire Galaxy
  64. Mario's Kingdom Galaxy
  65. Ending Cutsence
  66. Credits
  67. Game Over
  68. Pause Screen


Warning: This game contains loss of emotion, aching knees, the desire to eat at subway, enjoyment for sonic boom, play tennis, get banned from garry's mod, and being filmed in a farm