The official Cover Art for Super Ronald Galaxy 2

Super Ronald Galaxy 2 is the sequel to the not yet released Super Ronald Galaxy. The game will be released the day after tomorrow, but since there wasn't a tomorrow yesterday, there won't be a tomorrow tomorrow.


  1. Casual Mode (Easy Mode)
  2. Killer Mode (Hard Mode)


Ronald McDonald has just killed Colonel Sanders and The Burger King and collected all the Power Stars. Unfortunately, while Ronald was gone collecting stars, McDonald's was overtaken by the evil forces of Wendy. Now he must team up with Grimace, Birdie, and Hamburgler to defeat Wendy and restore Mcdonalds to its former glory.


Nicholas Drawing -4

Rosetta has been captured again by Wendy, who plans on making her a part of her company brand. Help free her and join forces with his friends



Rossetta: I'd like to thank all of you for being here for the opening of my new McDonald restaurant

Wendy: Finally, I've found the perfect princess for my next order, I must have


Rosetta for some real reason...

Rossetta:Please help me!

Ronald McDonald:Looks like we have to save Rossetta again but we need our friends, let's go!

[Breaking News:Rossetta has been kidnapped again and the heroes team were there for the opening of her restaunt and are going to rescue her]

The King:Come on! If only I hadn't been busy playing my video game, practicing my schemes, and preparing for the war, making new meals, and grooming my mustaches. I just hope they don't beat me up again

Great.. Now my wisecracks are about be over used, I hope I'm not too late to destroy them with colonel sanders and that nintendo doesn't sue anything from me. Gotta praise video games, they have steel of tolerence


World 1 End Cutsence

Ronald McDonald and Friends:Yay We did it. Why is The King so mad? We didn't do Anything wrong with him

The King:No! Those stupid clowns have been beaten one of friends. If only Colonel sanders wasn't here then Ronald McDonald would lose for odds.

Colonel Sanders:Don't stand up when you eat your KFC chicken try out the KFC Box! No better place to exist. How about some popcorn chicken as a plus

The King: How about instead of getting wisecracks we just get a sellout lawyer

Colonel Sanders: I don't get it

The King: Yeah me either but Rosetta is in trouble and I need you to help me

Colonel Sanders: Why do you care about her all of a sudden? You hate her

The King: I Don't care let's ride


The Parking Lot

The Ketchup Island Galaxy

Episode 1: Escape From Ketchup World

Episode 2: Ketchup Island's Security Attack

The Chicken Strip Galaxy

Episode 1: Chicken Man's Big Dipper Episode 2: Ronald's Space Mission

Snow Halation Galaxy

Grand 7 Dad Galaxy

Megalovania Galaxy

Gangnam Style Galaxy

Wendy's Hotel Galaxy

Episode 1: Climb to the Top of Wendy's Hotel

The Drive-Thru

Burger Meat Galaxy

Super Sub Galaxy

Number One Galaxy

Smooth Maroon Galaxy

Wood2Mm Galaxy

Christmas in July Galaxy

Wendy's Baconator Reactor

The Bathroom

Freezy Drink Galaxy

Value Pack Galaxy

Space Jam Galaxy

The Nutshack Galaxy

Haunted House Galaxy

Kazoo Night Galaxy

Wendy's Time Machine Race

The Playplace

Playroom Galaxy

The Sesame Seed Galaxy

Pengas Village Galaxy

Goopy Bottoms Galaxy

Delfiiiiii Galaxy

Wendy's Kid's Meal Reactor

The To-Go Box

Time Machine Return Galaxy

Crispy Chicken Galaxy

Tampon Florida Galaxy

Germany Galaxy

Wendy's WBTFF (Way-Better-Than-Fast-Food) Reactor

The Kitchen

Ronald's Burger Maker

The Cheeseburger Galaxy

Delfino Galaxy

Wendy's Restaurant Reactor



Shaun the Sheep

The Lorax

Rock Pikmin


Johnny Test

Bonzi Buddy

Hannah (Scary Godmother)

Rick (Rick and Morty)

Ike (Smash)

Daffy Duck




Paul Rapper the Rapper

Sack Boy

Phinieas (Phineas and Ferb)


Flappy Bird


Pete the Cat


World 1Bosses

Mini Burger

King Lakitu

Freddy Fazbear

Mini RRR

Peter Griffin

King K Rool


World 2 Bosses

Mini McBowser Stack

The King

Mc Bowser

Mr.Electric (Spy Kids)

Barney McRollo


World 3 Bosses

Freezee McRollo

Nicklous Cage

The Memer



Bowser Round 2

World 4 Bosses

Roy Koopa

Slug Man

George Lopez

Captain Crook

Rotten Robbie

Wendy's Robot

World 5 Bosses

Star Smash

Fiery K Rool


Bonus World Bosses

Grand Dad

Angry Joe


Soulja Boy

John Cena


You can Unlock The Bucket Reactor level from the first game by Crashing the Game by spawning 9001 Big Macs in Play Mode.

Microsoft Sam and Tails Doll can be unlocked by saying SOI SOI SOI and Can you feel the Sunshine respectively in front of the screen.


Niiiiii - Producer Super Ronald Galaxy

Crapcom - Ideas

Sega - Music

Floating Island Productions

Sonic Team



Square Cnix


Archie Comics





Deviant Art



Fur Affinty