Super Smash Bros PHAILURE

Super Smash Bros. PHAILURE is a very successful shame, released in 200X for the Nintendo Whi. It is well known for its unbalanced characters, impossible story mode, and its near-absence of that fat plumber guy. Due to that third reason, it was rated 11/10 by Nintendon't Power Magazine, 12/10 by ISN, Q/10 by Teletubbies International and of course, Pi/10 by GameFAKS, and ArcadeHobo rated it 6/5, saying "Wat uh stupimendous shame! I must hav it, HOW ABOWT U!?". It was made by Masahiro Sakurai who's a member of the Nintendo Gang, along with A mysterious shady guy. Its rival and is better than shame Super Nintendo Bros. Brawl which was made by everyone in the Nintendo Gang except Sakurai.

Story Mode

Level 1

Luigi must run around Mario's room and break all of his stuff.

Boss: Mario - attacks by eating spaghetti. Defeated by walking into him.

Level 2

Luigi and Yoshi jump in a big hole and somehow end up on Tellius. Ike (the only good character in the game), Luigi, and Yoshi must now fight the Hungry Hungry Hippos, which are invading Tellius.

Boss: Zelgius - Attacks with his ninja skills. Ike can defeat him with one attack. Yoshi and Luigi can defeat him with 5000 attacks. His attacks do 1% damage to Ike, and 999% damage to Luigi and Yoshi.

Level 3

Peach, Daisy, and Worf are having a tea party on the Starship Enterprise. Captain Picard has to blow up the ship.

BOSS: Peach, Daisy, and Worf: Peach attacks by crying. You kill her by blowing her out an airlock. Daisy attacks by throwing tea on you. You kill her by wiping it off then hitting her with the hot napkin. Worf attacks by stabbing you repeatedly. You kill him by throwing Bob the Builder at him. Afterward, you have to run to the escape pod and fly away before the Enterprise explodes.

Level 4

Captain Picard lands on Luigi.

BOSS: Dead Luigi - you win by default.

Level 5

Herman Li has to pwn a bunch of random people with his awesome electric guitar skills.

BOSS: George W. Bush - attacks by mispronunciating words. You kill him by playing guitar solos until Barney arrives and hugs George, killing him. Then, you have to whack Barney with your guitar. After this, George Bush turns out to really be Dora the Explorer, and runs away.

Level 6

Milk has to eat lots of chocolate.

BOSS: A Stomach - Attacks by Eating Himself, You WIN by Default

Level 7

Doug eats Dead Luigi and chops him up

FINAL BOSS: Doug Beat him up by giving Dead People to him so he'll die!!!!!!


This is a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SUCCESFUL Super smash bros it is rated W FOR WHI

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