Stupidly stupid.

Super Stupid Bros was released on Nintendo Entertairtment System and made by Ancient Geeks some time after they died.


Mario was walking alone thinking of what he could do with himself because he was bored. He decided to kill himself and when he was just about to do that Peach came and she shouted "No, Mario don't do that! I love you!" Mario was surprised that someone cares about him. Then the Hater in the game came and fortunately kidnapped her. Mario was so sad that he wanted to kill himself again but then a green pickle came and said "Don't kill yourself! I don't know who I am or who you are but Shigeru Miyamoto had programmed us to work together". Then Mario decided that Luigi will be his brother from now on and they will do all sorts of stupid things. Soon they forgot about Peach and they set off to another adventure.


You have to cotrol either Mario or Luigi around the world. You can do that by pressing The Self Destruction Button which is powerful enough to destroy the Earth


Because Stupid Nintendo Entertaintment System was shutting down by itself every time you switched it on, the game wasn't working properly.

Art Gallery

There was only one picture made because when a testing team were testing the game and tried to unlock the buttons the whole world exploded having to create humans again.


Look at their T-Shirts

Here we have a picture of Mario and Luigi wearing their brand new T-shirts bought in Tesco just for half a penny.

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