Super Toilet 64 is a shame that everything is placed in a bathroom (no bad stuff, k?). One day Luigi got his Whee! and was so happy he wanted to play with it but it randomly broke. Luigi had depression and eventually became POTATO WEDGIE. And hide under the name of a BOY AND HIS BLOB.

 The shame was released by Nintendon't opposed to SEGA's Eggman Ate his Bean Machine. It was stupid and nicompoopy, noone liked.

Criticism by Nine 10 D'oh

The shame was heavily criticized apparently for no reason at all. Even that IGN freak, Ida Smith liked it.


After becoming Potato Wedgie, Luigi stayed in the bathroom looking to the soap and talking to it for AGES. Mario decided to help but he was so nicompoop he got stuck in the toilet and couldn't go out. Everything was lost... NO! Bowser the Fairy appeared and made both tiny. And they had to escape by find the Hater of this Wikia.

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