Super Toilet Paper was released on Nintendo Wee and Nintendo SD on 45st February 2713. This is the only game when Luigi, New Luigi, Shadow Luigi and Waluigi all work together. It was called All Luigis Work Together To Get Toliet Paper, but it got cancelled. It is also the first game to star Wawaluigi.

Super Mario Bros 1

The Box Cover


Luigi Team (or Green Thunders):

Mario Team (also known as the Pizza Pulverizing Plumbers)


All Marios and all Luigis were invited to go to Peach's Castle for her birthday party. While everyone sit at the table, Peach says she has to go the bathroom because she drank too much tea. All guests wait patiently about an hour until Mario knocks on the bathroom door. Peach tells him that the Toilet Paper is finished and they have to go to the Teletubbies' Mansion to get some. Mario tells everyone what Peach had just told them. The guests divide in to two teams before the race to the Teletubbies' Mansion. Players can control anyone in the Green Thunders. Here starts another adventure to save the day.



Red Devils set off first because Green Thunders were busy eating some Galaxy Bars and Maltesers. Because The Pizza Pulverizing Plumbers defeated the bosses Green Thunders had no problem passing to through the levels.


  • Up- Press Down
  • Down- Press Right
  • Right- Press Left
  • Left- Press Up
  • Jump- Press the Springo Button
  • Selfdestruct - Press Left to asplode

The End

Green Thunders got the Toilet Paper first but they went to the wrong warp pipe so they ended up on the Earth. Unfortunately they die in this awful place. The Toilet Paper in Teletubbies' Mansion was the only bit of this left in the whole universe, so the Pizza Pulverizing Plumbers end up without Toilet Paper and Princess Peach is still sitting in bathroom with some hope for her guests.

The Moral

The moral of this game is:

  • Always make sure that you have some toilet paper left.
  • Only invite the guests which you can count on.

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