Baby Wario decides to go on a preschool. What will happen this time???


Cuts to outside of the Super Wario Preschool. Cut to Inside of Super Wario Preschool. Now, in Baby Wario's classroom...

Baby Wario: Yay! My first day of scool!

Baby Luigi: It's school!!! Dumbrain!!!

Baby Wario: Shut up Baby Luigi!

Baby Luigi: ....

Baby Rosalina: I wonder what our teacher is today?

The door opens.

Baby Wario: Oh boy! I can't wait to see the teacher of tihs scool!

Baby Luigi: Do I have to correct you again?!

The teacher comes in.

Preschool Teacher: Hello. I am your teacher. For. Today.

Baby Rosalina: Wow he uses periods (.) alot...

Preschool Teacher: Today. We are going to. Read. Some. Books. About. Calculus.

Baby Wario: Wat tee??? We don't teach Calculus in Preschool!!! Now I asplode you, Teacher!

(Baby Wario asplodes Preschool Teacher)

Baby Wario: guess we have to teach ourselves then!

Baby Luigi: This is boring! I'm getting outta here! (runs off)

Baby Tario comes out of a portal.

Baby Tario: Oh no! Wrong place! Oh well, I'mma asplode this school!

(Baby Tario asplodes the school)

Baby Wario: Whatever. (flys away)



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