Taking Down George Bush is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Guiyii is going to take down George Bush, and Guiyii joins the X-Men. Then, they go all the way near George Bush and uses the stare at George Bush. The results are devastating for George Bush...

Transcript (Total Scenes: 3)

Scene 1

Wario: I'm bored! (Wario is sitting down in his couch at his house.)

Homer: So am I.

Wario: What do we do?

Bowser: Kill the Koopa Mafia?

Cowser: No! We already did this!

Wario: Cowser! I haven't seen you since the time we met!

Cowser: Hello again Wario.

Someone knocks on the door.

Wario: I'll get it!

Wario opens the door. And to their suprise: It's GUIYII!!!!

Wario: Guiyii?!!!?!?!?!

Guiyii: Yes it's me. I have a mission and I need your help.

Wario: What mission?

Guiyii: To take down George W. Bush.

Wario: REALLY?! I wanted to do that since this show was created!

Guiyii: Let's go then!

Scene 2

Guiyii is near the Black House, so is the X-Men.

George Bush is walking around.

Guiyii and the X-Men: GET HIIIMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wario and the X-Men attack with all their attacks. After that, George Bush is coughing blood.

George Bush: ........................................

Guiyii: Guiyii uses stare!

Scene 3

George Bush exploded.

Guiyii: I almost forgot! I have an extra mission for you!

Wario: What mission?

Guiyii: Let's take the Black House down!

Fade to Black as the words To be Continued appears on the screen.

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