Tario: the pacific replacement.

Tario is one of Mario's replacements.

He was created one day when Link became sick, throwing up all over the street. It quickly froze, as he was in West Hyrule and it was -10^10 degrees. It froze into a figure that looked like Mario, so he kept it in his basement. One day, he went downstairs and found the vomit ice sculpture to be not only alive, but made of tar and pitch-black. (Apparently Link vomits tar.) He looked like another palatte-swap of Mario, so he called the tar guy Tario. Tario then proceeded to engulf Link into his tar body, squishing him under the force of the living tar. Tario escaped, and began to work as an undercover McDonalds Pickle Inspector. He was eventually recruited by NintenDON'T as a replacement for Mario.


His first and only appearance was in the unfinished shame, Super Tario Angry Sunshine.


Tario, while making Super Tario Angry Sunshine, was burned to death by the Angry Sun. Witnesses claimed that Tario had called the Angry Sun "a glorified orange", and in response the Angry Sun came down on top of him, melting and evaporating him. His head partially remained, which is rumored to be on display in the Angry Sun's house.