Mushroom Times was an old news paper that ran for 10 days in the year 1620. It was later cancelled and renamed Teh Shrug. Advertising of this issue was made in the SMK Radio.

History of the Issues

Planning on the Issues

Nintendo got the idea of starting a newspaper that told information on what the Mushroom Kingdom was like, what they did there, what was happening and all that stuff. A beta newspaper (a two page one) was first made under the name "Mushroom News".

Then Nintendo was going to continue, however Nintendon't, rivals of Nintendo, shouted that the name "Mushroom News" was to plain and boring so Nintendo, changed the name.

The Issues Start

The name was changed to Mushroom Times, and the newspapers became longer and became weekly. They became very famous and Nintendon't was very jealous. Nintendon't wanted to make newspapers like that, however while they were typing the newspapers on the computer their computers blew up, so the Nintendon't Newspapers were cancelled.

However Nintendon't was still jealous and wanted revenge. That is when they thought of the similarities between the New York times and Mushroom Times. Nintendon't had a plan.


Nintendon't told the government that the Mushroom Times was copyrighting the New York Times. Police were very mad and angry and decided to stop the issues. Nintendo begged for them to not sotp them, and the police said it was fine-they were giving the job to Nintendon't

Nintendon't changed the name to Teh Shrug and changed like, everything. However Nintendon't never told anybody that they were the ones making the newspapers and kept it secret...


Today Teh Shrug is found online, at this website, which is breaking the fourth wall right now. It is not very successful, but advertises stuff sometimes. This is also illegal (So don't tell anyone).

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