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This article is about the sequel of the racing show. For the radio station, see SMK Radio. For the original show, go here.

The Adventures of SMK TV is a sequel of SMK TV. As that, the racers must race. But, it's adventure, too! In every episode, there is a villain (Daisy, Evil Guy, Princess Shroob, Bowser or Wizpig attacks, examples). Sometimes, they must solve a mystery, must use teamwork, or race rivals (Peachycakes, Birdo's Boogers) This show was aired side-by-side to the original, and was not as popular, but is more popular then the Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show. The show has 4 seasons, and they have 40 episodes. There are 160 episodes in total



It has the same characters as SMK TV, but there are more coming by:



The racers must racing in all the tracks of the first series (Plus more new tracks!) (randomly). This are the tracks:

Season 1

Season 1 haves the tracks of the original SMK TV (plus 6 tracks!).

Season 2


Season 2 haves 40 cities, states (or Provinces) and countries of the real world

Season 3


Season 3 haves the tracks of the Mario Kart series

Season 4

Season 4 haves tracks used in the Marioverse, Warioverse, Pokéverse AND the Userverse.

More are upcoming



Here is a list of the 40 episodes per season. The name of the episode goes first and the place where it took place is second.

Season 1 (2013-present)

Season 2 (2014-TBA)


Coming Soon

Season 3 (TBA)

Coming Soon

Season 4 (TBA)

Coming Soon


  • Episode 12 of Season 1 is the only episode where the racers do not race. The Star Spirits and the Shroobs (without Shroobley) are only racing.