Box art of this awful shame.

The Adventures of a Really Bad Doctor was a shame created by Nintendon't starring Dr. Malleo when he was mistaken for Luigi somehow (?). It was voted as one of the most original shames created, yet worst gameplay since Can We Fix It?.


The Squadala Man has kidnapped Waluigi and stolen all the Cheese in the world, leaving the Mushroom Kingdom vulnerable to Bacon! The player plays as Dr. Malleo who must go through 615 levels of torture, attempting to get the Cheese back from all the closets in The Squadala Man's house, they then have to go up the waterfall of Barbecue Sauce to return them to Bowser, they then have to go through McDonald's to get back to the Squadala man's house. Once they have got all the cheese they have to find the super secret entrance to The Squadala Man's basement next to his front door. When they get in Dr. Malleo has to through a copy of The Yellow Pages at him, if this is completed successfully Squadala Man cries "No, not the California section! It burns!". The door to the prison opens and the player bangs a gong next to the sleeping Waluigi's head. Speech is as follows:

Player: " I just saved you from some wierdo!"
Waluigi: " No you did not!"

The end.

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