The Bleeping Day is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! In this episode, everybody starts saying really bad words...


Wario is shown walking out of his house, when suddenly, he trips on a rock, falls on some barbed wire, and gets his head smashed with an anvil for no real reason

  • Wario: AH!(Bleep) it! Why the (Bleep) is there a (Bleepin Bleep Bleep)

All this time, Waluigi is watching

  • Waluigi: Cool words, dude! I'm gonna tell my friends those words!

Waluigi prances off stupidly, while Wario is watching in horror

  • Wario: Aw, (Bleepity Bleep) it!
  • 10 Hours later*

Everybody is bleeping to each other, while Wario and Bowser are the only ones who understand it

'At Waluigi's friend's house'

Waluigi: Check out this video I recorded of Wario!

On the video

Wario: Ah, bleep it.  Why the bleep is there a bleepin bleep bleep?

Donkey Kong: Cool words!

  • Wario: Big oops.
  • Bowser: Meh. Everybody will forget it tomorrow, though.
  • Wario: Yeah, but until then, this day will be the Bleeping Day!

The episode ends with Some tiny moron that nobody cares about Bleeping loudly.


  • Don't ever say the words (Bleep, Bleeping, Bleepin', Bleep Bleepin' , Bleepity or Bleepity Bleep, but don't say Bleepin' Bananas on Tuesdays, 'cause your head will asplode).


  • Waluigi is a (Bleepin) idiot
  • This episode was meaningless

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