The Cheese Lover's Convention is an episode of the The Super Evil Guy Super Show!.


Evil Guy goes to the Cheese Lover's Convention but is attacked by New Mario.


Scene One

The camera zooms in on Evil Guy getting ready for something.

Evil Guy:Gotta go! Gotta go GOTTA GO!!! (Talking to self)

FERNANDO:Uhh... sir? Gotta go where?

Evil Guy: To the Cheese Lovers Convention of course!

FERNANDO: Oh yeah.

Evil Guy: And you guys gonna be my bodyguards!


Evil Guy: Im thinking New Mario will attack i'll need back up.

FERNANDO: K I'll tell the others sir.

Scene 2

The camera zooms in on FERNANDO with Shadow Kirby & Pickle.

FERNANDO: Guys Evil Guy is going to the Cheese Lover's Convention and

were his bodyguards so get ready, K?

Shadow Kirby & Pickle: K.

Scene 3

Evil Guy and co. arrive at the Cheese Lover's Convention.

FERNANDO: Smells cheesey...

Evil Guy: Of course it smells cheesey you idiot its the CHEESE Lover's Convention!

FERNANDO: Ok, ok...

(Someone comes up to Evil Guy)

SOMEONE: Hey you should go to the meeting over there!

Evil Guy: Uh, ok.

(Someone pulls off his head and turns out to be New Luigi)

New Luigi: This is dumb green 1 repeat: This is dumb green 1. I have tricked Evil Guy

into going to the "meeting table" sir!

???: Good job dumb green 1. Return to the table.

New Luigi: Yes sir.

Scene 4

Evil Guy and co. walk over to the meeting table with only 2 people there.

Evil Guy: Hello im Evil Guy you people?

Stranger 1: Im New l- i mean Frank

Evil Guy: Hello Frank! Who are you?

Stranger 2: Im uh... hmm? Andrew! Yeah Andrew lets go with that.

Evil Guy: Ok... hey why are you two speaking with Italian accents?

Frank & Andrew: No reason...

Evil Guy: So... about the Cheese... We sho-


(Frank pulls off his head and turns out to be New Luigi)

Evil Guy: New luigi?! That means Andrew really is... New Mario!

New Mario: YES! Yes i am!

Evil Guy: Bodyguards! ATTACK!!!

(A huge fighting scene happens)

New Mario: Huff huff...

Evil Guy: Ha ha ha! We beat you!

New Mario: Grrr... we'll beat you next time...

Evil Guy: Oh really?

Evil Guy kicks New Mario and Luigi to Kingdom Cone. Fade to Black.





Shadow kirby was supposed to be a main character in this ep but was dropped :[

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