Tana con is a disaster con



[Mario and Luigui are outside]

Luigui: Mario I want you to draw a picture of something your gonna talk about

[Mario draws a picture of jake paul]

Luigui: OMG

[The intro shows tana, caveman dude, jake paul, behind the meme, ksi, and ricegum]

Super Chat Time 0 - Beginning

[The top shows numbers saying -3459034853453409533495 and minecraft music. Mario enters the room]

Mario: Give me your diamonds kid or i'll mess you up, jk lol. This Super Chat Time is gonna be a bit longer becuase there's gonna be a lot of things to cover. It's almost like every single fortnite video from one month ago

Shat Chat Time 1 - TanaCon

[The Description shows a tana crying shirt and a sentence saying that tanacon is where underaged girls go to get sunburnt and die. Somehow worse than fyre festival this event got a 8/10. And someone yells pull the trigger]

Mario: So first up we got TanaCon more like a fire house, An event so bad it's like club penguin island. The event was created by tana mongeau which is a french word by a bread boy

[It shows a scence tana crying and the description saying when I burn my friends house down in minecraft.]

Mario: The event sounds stupid like if I where to call my event Meriocon, it would probably be burnt down in 2 days. So tanacon was gonna be at vidcon becuase she works at vidcon which is a dirt house by fredflintstone. Tana likes the idea because markplier told her to do it

[It shows scene a tana crying slow motion and the description showing boss for dark souls]