The poster to "The doGfather"

The doGfather, mostly known as The Dogfather, is a movie released by Paramount Pictures to the theaters in 1972. It was rated by Toadsworth as rotten stinky tomato but everyone saw it... AND ASKED FOR THEIR MONEY BACK OR ELSE!


The movie is about a group of dogs, who own a mapia group in Chicago, and the leader Don Vito Lickerleone, gets turned into Cheese and recovers, but later in the movie dies. Then, the son gets blown up in a car, the other son becomes Don, but gets killed by the X-Men, Wario tries to kill the group all at once, but of course gets killed. Then, after that, The original Dogfather returns but gets blown up, as the movie ends!!!!


This movie really, really, REALLY, SUCKED. The acting was pointless, Wario was duller than cheese with green stuff on it, the dogs couldn't talk, meaning you'd probably would put up some subtitles, but since no one spoke the language of dogs, they all said ramdon things, the effects were cheap, and the movie was short!!!! Many people and critics gave it 10 thumbs EXTREMELY WAY DOWN!!!! However, there WAS a bright side: There wasn't even a mere reference of Mario. But even THAT didn't lift the crappyness of this picture!

But do you know the worst part?! Bowser Productions is the same company who made Toilet Paper: THE MOVIE!! NOOO!

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