The First Cupcake Destroying Scheme is the very first episode of The Super Evil Guy Super Show!.


Evil Guy comes up with a plan to destroy a newly constructed cupcake factory.


Scene 1

Cut to the enormous Evil Guy Tower, where Evil Guy is sitting on his purple couch and watching television.

NEWS REPORTER: Today, a new cupcake factory is being opened. It is owned by a gentleman named New Mario. So much new-ness!

Evil Guy turns off the TV and paces angrily.

EVIL GUY: Grr...not more cupcakes! How I hate those things!

Pickle and Fernando run into the room.

PICKLE: What's wrong, Boss?

EVIL GUY: It's New Mario's cupcake factory. He just opened it today!

FERNANDO: WHOA! What are we gonna do?

EVIL GUY: I'll tell you what we're gonna do...we're gonna march right over there and give that guy the business!

Fade to black as Evil Guy and co. march offscreen.

Scene 2

Cut to Evil Guy and co. as they walk toward the cupcake factory, a massive building coated in metal and pink frosting.

EVIL GUY: This must be the place.

FERNANDO: You don't say?

EVIL GUY: All right, minions. How do we get into...

As he is walking, Evil Guy slips on a banana peel and crashes into the wall, belly-first, breaking through it.

PICKLE: Boss...I think...

EVIL GUY: No. I'm not overweight.

As Evil Guy and co. walk in, they see New Mario eating a yellow cupcake.

NEW MARIO: Mmm, delicious! And it's banana-flavored! Here, Evil Guy, want some?

EVIL GUY: Sure, thanks.

Everything becomes silent as New Mario and Evil Guy split the cupcake in half, eat it, glance at each other, and spit it out in surprise.

NEW MARIO: What--how--hey! Guards, destroy the intruder!

New Mario runs away as a siren blares and red lights flash. An army of stick figures, accompanied by Luigi, attack Evil Guy and co. A massive battle ensues. Pickle wipes out half the army with his pyrokinetic powers, and Evil Guy body-slams Luigi. The rest of the stickmen trample Evil Guy and Pickle, knocking them down and dragging them away, When all hope seems lost, Fernando makes it to the room where New Mario is and he pushes a red, bright, shiny button.

NEW MARIO: Drat! Well...never mind! I'll just make another factory later!

Fernando jumps out the window as the factory explodes. He then sees the army of stickmen fleeing in terror and carrying Evil Guy and Pickle with them.

STICKMEN: Hey, sombrero guy! You can have your friends back! We don't need them anymore!

FERNANDO: Well, that turned out better than expected. I'm going back to Evil Guy Tower.

Fade to black.



NEVER have a bright, red, shiny button in your building.


This the first episode.

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