malleo's pet dog's dad's uncle's friend's pet frog's uncle after the great mutation.

the great mutation was when Evil Guy nuked Dry mario's fave bar. the klegs mixed with the fire after it was nuked, then bowser and Wadaisy became Haters so they drinked some cheese's blood and hated baby obama's guts. They nuked baby obama, and ran away laughing.

baby obama's ghost flooded a toad's house with TOXIC WASTE!!!(really? heavy!)

a toad's revenge.

The Toad planned to make a machine to blow up baby obama's OTHER form's house!

But, when the toad nuked obama's house, the machine went "BA-BA-BA-BOOOOOOM!"

and Malleo's pet dog's dad's uncle's friend's pet frog's uncle,a toad and Nim-nom became MUTANTS!

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