The Greatest Cupcake is an episode or The Super Evil Guy Super Show!


Evil Guy and the gang go to the Cupcake Ruins, where the world's first Cupcake was made.


Scene 1

One day at Evil Guy Tower. EVIL GUY is researching about cupcakes, when he reads a page about the first cupcake in existence.

EVIL GUY: Huh? I've never heard of this Cupcake.

PICKLE, FERNANDO, and SHADOW KIRBY walk in the room.

FERNANDO: Were going to destroy the world's first Cupcake? 'K.

EVIL GUY and his gang travel to the Cupcake Ruins. Meanwhile, NEW MARIO, NEW LUIGI, and SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT are walking towards the same destination.

NEW MARIO: Yes! The world's first Cupcake will be ours!
NEW LUIGI: Say? Did you just hear something?
NEW MARIO: I think so.

NEW MARIO, NEW LUIGI, and SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT walk towards a large bush. There they see EVIL GUY and his minions.

NEW LUIGI: Uh-oh...
NEW MARIO: Not if we get there first!

Scene 2

When EVIL GUY and his gang went into the ruins, NEW MARIO and co. followed them. In the ruins is a very, very, very, very long corridor, after few hours of walking, they were all tired.

EVIL GUY: Must... destroy... cupcake...
SHADOW KIRBY: Hey... I think I see something... Wait... It's the world's first Cupcake!

They run towards the world's first Cupcake, which is shiny and golden. EVIL GUY grabs his Cupcake destroying tools when they are ambushed by NEW MARIO and co.

NEW MARIO: Surrender! Or you'll never appear in a shame again!
EVIL GUY: Never!

An anti-climatic battle begins. First, SHADOW KIRBY inhales up SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT, granting an instant K-O. NEW LUIGI throws a Fireball at PICKLE, but since it's the source of their fire, PICKLE absorbs the fire, and shoots SUPER FIREBALLS. NEW MARIO grabs his hammer, but it was already late. During the battle, EVIL GUY destroyed the world's first cupcake. Then the ruins start shaking, yet a new entrance opened.

EVIL GUY: Quick! Let's get out!

They escape, but before they did, they tied up NEW MARIO and NEW LUIGI, and SHADOW KIRBY barfed out SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT.

PICKLE: That was TOO close.

They quickly run back to Evil Guy Tower, where EVIL GUY finds out they destroyed the second Cupcake in existence.

Fade to Black.

Morals of the Story

Never mistake a golden cupcake as the first.


  • The Cupcake they destroyed was golden. The real first one was sapphire.

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