Not to be cofused with the King of Hyrule or Good King Wenceslas!


Mario battling the king

The King, or greater known as King, is a character in the Mario Chicken games. He was always the middle boss of every world. At the last world, he said some chanting and became a giant Whopper to attack Mario. His apperace is a robe and a crown that says Burger King on it. It is theorized that he is the king of burgers. He also appeared in Super Ronald Galaxy as a main villain, alongside with Colonel Sanders, who aids him in stealing the Power Stars.

Early Years


The King was born at 44 Colorado street. He was teased most of the time, because he never changed facial expressions. He went to see Ronald McDonald one day at McDonald's and shot everybody there. He got a criminal record.

Teen Life

After getting out of prison, King started to make his own fast food restaurant. He called it Burger King. He started good at this carrier, and got better.


The burgers are made out of human flesh, hes about to get some one right now.


When Ronald stormed his restaurant, the King and Ronald went into a final battle. However, right as the battle was about to ensue, a warp hole opened up and brought the King to where he is now.


Super Ronald Galaxy

The King appears as the main villain in Super Ronald Galaxy. With the help of Colonel Sanders, along with the minor assistance of Bowser and Waluigi, The

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King steals the Power Stars from McDonald's. He fights Ronald McDonald three times. The first time is in the second boss level, The King's Secret Sauce Reactor. The next time is in the fourth boss level, The King's Hamburger Plant. The last time is in the final boss level, The King's Restaurant Reactor. He gets stronger each time Ronald faces him. However, The King is apparently killed when the Restaurant Reactor explodes. He is later revealed to have survived.

Grand Theft Sesame Street

The King was hired by George W. Bush to stop Elmo durning the events of Grand Theft Sesame Street. The King used Whoppers to distract Elmo, but of course, Elmo only likes cookies so Elmo defeated The King quickly.