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The Mario Truth Or Dare Show is a TV show created by a cloning accident. The show was dedicated to Mario and friends playing Truth or Dare and at the end of every episode, everyone commits suicide. The show first aired on the SMK TV and then got moved to CSN4 for shows for bad people. The show ended up having 5 seasons before getting brutally killed by Ganon and his minions. Around the end of the series, it aired a movie, which had really low ratings. In 2009, it was pulled off of TV, but came back on the Supa Koopa Archives and rumor has it, Mario will use thr Revival Machine to get the series back.


Season 1 (2004-2005)

Season 2 (2005)

Season 3 (2005-2006)

Season 4 (2006)

Season 5 (2006-2007) A.K.A. Final Season

At the end of the show, everyone died.

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