The Naked Toad Show was a show that was created by Nintendo. It was based on the fact that a naked Toad appeared in the game Mario's House, and the show was an instant success. But, after two seasons, Naked Toad (the star of the show) got eated up by Evil Guy. They tried to replace Naked Toad with a regular Toad in season three, but people noticed that he had clothes on and stopped watching, so they cancelled it.


Notice: Because of the lack on interest users weren't able to complete summaries of all the episodes. Maybe if you're not lazy you can do it.

Season One

  1. Naked Toad in the Bathroom
  2. Naked Toad Runs Around Town
  3. Naked Toad and the Monkey
  5. He Doesn't Even Have Socks On!
  6. Go to the Clothes Store

Season Two

  1. Naked Toad's Girlfriend
  2. HE'S NAKED!!!
  3. Skydiving with the Birds
  5. Dancing
  6. Is He for Serious?

Season Three

  1. Naked Toad Picks His Nose
  2. You're Mince Meat!
  3. The Worst Episode Ever
  4. Streakers are N00BZ
  5. No Way!
  6. The Finale of the series

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