The Nine-Tailed Firefox (also known as Kyubi) is the more powerful sequel to The Firefox and is created by evolving vulpix with a fire stone which lead to a case about animal cruelty and using them as browsers is illegal but nobody cared. It later set out to kill Internet the Explorer but failed. So it went to attack the Hidden Leaf Village but was sealed inside Naruto. However, Naruto set out to become Hokage the only person in the village who can destroy cupcakes, as planned by Evil Guy. However, Naruto betrayed Evil Guy and threw shurikens at him until he apparently bled to death (However, Evil Guy lived). By the time Naruto turned 21 he became fully possessed by the nine-tailed Firefox. So he finally got his chance to kill internet however Bill Gates sealed hiim inside his computer and he can only escape when the computer turns 40.

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