The Super New Mario World Super Show! Episode 101: The slowest thing alive.

It all starts out with New Mario and New Luigi climbing up a mountain. New Luigi slips and falls once they get to the top and New Mario jumps off to go save him. They found a Magic Balloon and survived the fall. Then they find something slow. Very slow. And that thing was a Snail named Gary. They decided to keep it for a pet and fed it toilet paper. Then some guy named SpongeBob took him and stole all of their toilet paper resulting in constipation along the way. SpongeBob needed OVER 9000 toilet paper rolls to feed Gary so he could destroy all cupcakes. Later New Mario and New Luigi find out that SpongeBob is actually working for Evil Guy the Cupcake hater. They pushed him over and shoved over 9000 cupcakes down his throat. He was sick for a month. Luigi tossed a fishing hook at SpongeBob and they ate him for DINNER. Thus getting their toilet paper back, thus Gary still being the slowest thing alive.