The Super Evil Guy Super Show! is a show on SMK Radio. It stars Evil Guy. The show has 6 seasons and a bonus season with about 15-17 episodes each and 93 episodes in total (counting the pilot as well). There are also four movies, one of which is a two-part crossover with Mario's Adventure 6. The show mostly focuses on Evil Guy's cupcake destroying schemes, as well as parodying the Mario Series. Evil Guy'
Super evil guy super show

A screenshot of the show's title card.

s main foe in his schemes is New Mario, although Raiza becomes the main villain after Season 6. The show's trailers are only present in the DVD Version (Limited Edition), which came with the DVD version of George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures.


Main Characters


Other Characters


Pilot (2007)

Season 1 (2008)

Season 2 (2009)

Season 3 (2010)

Season 4 (2011)

Season 5 (2012)

Season 6 (2013)

Season 7 (Bonus Season) (2014)



Half-Hour specials

  • Exit CUPCAKE - December 11, 2011 [Season 4 finale] - The newest member of the Evil Guy team, Malleo joins at the end of the special.

Movies (1 hour or more)

Several-part specials (More than 2 parts)

Lost episodes

  • Begin Again - Intended to air after Season 6, but was cancelled after the show finished its run. However, it was released on the Season 6 DVD, and aired as part of the 7th "bonus" season.
  • The Legend of Evil Guy - Intended to air after Season 6, but was cancelled after the show finished its run. Like it' previous episode, it appears in the 7th "bonus" season and was originally conceived as a parody of The Legend of Zelda series, especially its convoluted timeline.

Home video releases

Season 1 was released to DVD by UnMario Home Entertainment on September 8, 2009, and it included the pilot episode as well.

Season 2 was then released on June 8, 2010 with a Blu-Ray release as well.

Season 3 was next on September 13, 2011, which was released alongside a digital download, the first release to do so, and also was released on Blu-Ray too.

Season 1 was released for digital download on December 25, 2012 for Christmas, while Season 4 was released to DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital download four days before Season 1 was released to digital download, on December 21, 2012.

Season 5 was released on August 20, 2013, to DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital download.

On April 4, 2014, Season 6 was announced to release on June 10, 2014. The DVD/Blu-Ray/digital download will contain all Season 6 episodes, as well as the shorts We've found a thing., Math Talk, and the supposed Season 7 episode, Begin Again.

Season 7 (the bonus season) was bundled and released on DVD/Blu-Ray/digital download on September 23, 2014. A special edition of the Season 6 release put both discs onto one box set.

A complete series DVD/Blu-Ray has been confirmed but not officially announced/released as of July 2015. UnMario Home Entertainment has replied to a fan comment, saying that "the box set will be released upon a strong selling point, such as the holidays or whenever". Thus, hasn't the DVD been officially announced and targeted for a release date already? Weird. The DVD was released on November 10, 2015, completing the series' run with a few exclusive bonus features.

The producers of the show are also looking to bring their show to UnFlix sometime soon, however this has not been confirmed.

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