The Whale, thinking something's wrong with his Tail.

The Whale is a hater that first appeared in Mario versus His Replacements. It appeared in the Bottomless Lake (the sixth world), and he was hungry. When Mario came, The Whale cheased him, and he attacked by biting and shooting an Icy type of Fireballs. Oh, and I forgot to mention he could go through walls, which was unfair since Mario had to keep swimming up and down. At the end of the level, Mario had to use the secret DINNER Thingie to make it full. The Whale later appeared in New Super Mario Pallette Swaps as the boss of the third world. The Whale also appeared in America's Stupidest Home Videos, in a clip showing him being caught in an explosion made by a near Bob-Omb. He is rumored to appear in one of the upcoming Stupid Mario Galaxy shames. In the recent E2 conference, it is said that The Whale will appear in the next Stupid Mario Galaxy shame, and he will be eaten by Baby Yoshi.

OM NOM NOM. Other than that, Nintendo needs to mprove on sprite making...

 Apparently, despite being a recurring boss, it is mostly on the level of a freak. The whale is confirmed as monsters in Dragon Quest: Un-Mario Edition as a rank 5/6 monster, in which is a boss of the third level, in which you can capture when at low health, and can be a useful ally to use in combat after on in the game, which he can use Icy Fireball, EPIC Bite, and Shrimp Tsunami. (OOPS! I just gave a BIG hint away!)

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