“I'll commit suicide if somebody ever puts me on the unmario wiki.”
The invisible murderer in the shower, i like thomas and friends

The invisible murderer in the shower is a person that's not actually a murderer, but just a Goomba that lives in a shower. Since he's invisible, Nobody can see him. He's called a murderer only because he spills Volvic Revive on people, which melts them. He's also known to be great friends with Luigi, after seeing him in the shame Luigi's Bathroom. It is rumoured that the goomba is invisible due to a curse that was laid on him by the evil wawawawawawawaboo (which of course makes him supremely evil), however due to the extremely long name, it is more likely to be the fault of Bill Gates, who sometimes likes to pretend to be a ghost, for some reason.

The invisible murderer in the shower is hated by his archrival, the ultra god of toast. This is because the ultra god of toast loves green cheese (which the goomba hates) and despises all other cheese (unlike the invisible murderer in the shower), for some random reason that was never explained and never shall be. Some people think that the invisible murderer in the shower actually spies on people due to being invisible. He hates all parodies, which is why he would hate it if ever put on the fake MarioWiki (NOTE: This is a joke, we all love MarioWiki... OR DO WE?!?!). Some people do, NOT!


  • Ironically, he's afraid of toilets (despite living in a bathroom's shower.)
  • He loves Cheese, but he hates Green Cheese for some reason.

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