“But I AM cool! My mommy said so!”
Real Name: Tiptup the Lesser
Birth: Nine Months Later
Age: 4
Health: Slight Mental Damage
Family and relatives: Koopa Troopa
Impostor(s) Why would anyone want to impersonate Tiptup?
Death: Sadly not dead
For those without comedic tastes, the so-called "experts" at MarioWiki have a real article on Tiptup.

Tiptup is a green koopa alien that is friends with Diddy Kong. He first appeared in Diddy and Pong Racing. After he found a Wrench he turned into the mighty, ever bad, naughty and mean Wizpig. He was whacked by the real Wizpig with the legendary Wrench and he grew back to normal. He likes eating Cheese sandwich on Toast with a dash of Pickle flavor.

Tiptup's Adventure

After starring in numerous minor and cameo appearances, Tiptup wanted an adventure all his own. He went on what was later called Tiptup's Adventure. He climbed the mountains, battled the elephants, and triumphed over the great turd. Though Banjo wanted to tag along, Tiptup decided he had to do this himself. He trapped Banjo with a bear trap and then lit a random forest on fire. Smokey the Bear got angry, so Tiptup stopped going on adventures.

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