A Toad being eaten by Bowser.

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Toad lol

The toad before The Great Mutation.

Toads are walking, talking Mushrooms that live in the Mushroom Kingdom, particularly in Toad Town. They are very tasty, and Mario likes to eat them. Sadly when Mario eats a Toad it dies. The Toads are endangered freaks thanks to Mario and Luigi and other guys who eat them. They are used to make some kind of butter.

Toads first appeared in Super Mario Palette Swaps, but all they did was stand around and give boring advice. Mario could not eat them in this shame, because sprite animation in the 80s sucked and they couldn't draw eating sprites. Toads usually try to help Mario through the shames, but before they give him a tip they get eaten.

Following the Toad Revolt, the Toads were forced into hiding in caves. A few recently appeared in the TV show George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures, where George eats them for lunch.

Bradzilla is the main predator of the Toads. He eats red Toads, blue Toads, small Toads and big Toads. He was killed by a Bob-Omb thrown by Squidward in order for Squidward to save his house.

One Toad made NintenDON'T, but it was called The Weegee Company, but Weegee filed a lawsuit saying that he couldn't use his name, so Evil Guy bought the nameless company and called it NintenDON"T.


Bradzilla. IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!

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What you need to know

  • Toad's are very delicious
  • They can multiply very much with many speed.
  • It is really fun to beat up toads and throw them off cliffs.

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