Toad Steals A Ham is the third episode of Toad Meets World. It has ham in it, wich is an obvious copyright of Ham's World.


One day, Toad woke up from bed, and felt hungry. He went up to his dad and asked for a breakfast, but his dad just threw a football at him and told him to go away. Toad was angry at his dad, so he got an A-Bomb and blew up the house. But his dad was immortal, and he lived. Then his dad chased him around town with an axe. Toad was so scared that he farted, and Puff the Magic Dragon called him on his cell phone. But, since Puff called collect, and Toad couldn't accept the charges, he had to hang up. Then, his dad found him! Toad ran to the garbage can and hid. There, he found Puff, who was eating garbage for some reason.

Toad whined about his problems to Puff. Toad wants to make his dad like him again. Puff was about to offer advice to Toad, but then Luigi came. (Luigi couldn't see Puff, since he was an imaginary dragon.) Toad told Luigi that he was hiding from his dad. Luigi has an idea - everybody likes ham, so Toad should just steal a ham and make his dad happy.

Toad snuck into a market and grabbed a ham and stuffed it down his pants. Toad then walked across the street, whistling a jolly tune. However, Waluigi (Toad's stalker) saw him steal the ham and approached him. Toad saw Waluigi and ran like hell. Waluigi started running after him, calling him a parfei for some reason. Then, the sky went dark, and a dramatic battle tune ensued. (This is the part where Toad gets courage.) Toad and Waluigi both grabbed swords. Waluigi jedi jumped over Toad and landed on top of a building, and Toad followed him. The two had a huge fight on top of the building, and in the end, Toad knocked Waluigi off the building.

Toad had the ham and went to his dad, then put it on the table. But his dad still looked mad. OH NOES! TOAD ACCIDENTALLY GAVE HIM PORK! Toad's dad hates pork, so he chased Toad with the axe again. But, before his dad could chop him up, the police arrested Toad for stealing the ham, and he got locked up.


One day, TOAD woke up from bed.

  • TOAD: Dad, I'm hungry. Can I get a breakfast?
  • TOAD'S FATHER throws a FOOTBALL at him
  • TOAD'S FATHER: (MUMBLES) Go away, leave me the f**k alone.
  • TOAD: @$$!!


More lines soon!!


  • Toad got out of jail by hula dancing. (This was shown in the credits)
  • This episode was controversial among parents because it showed Toad's dad without a shirt on, and he was FAT.

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