Dis ish ganons resting grounds.



"Your face shall be the GREATEST in Koridai the UnWorld!!"

What we mean is: This page is great ruled by Ganon.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called "experts" at MarioWiki have a real article on Toadette.

A Toadette is a rare delicacy that can restore a dead pickle to life. Contrary to popular belief, Toadette isn't a female Toad, she's just a kind of food. She is one of those characters that people just make up so Toad could have a partner in some weird game that has two people per kart. Toadette recently appeared in Super Ronald Galaxy in the intro of the game where she was seen eating a Big Mac (Food cannibalism?). Apparently, Toad has one for a girl fiend because Nobody else would accpt him. That is why they call it a female instead of "it."

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