Toast is a very powerful item in Final Spagetti. It is one of the last moves that Mario learns in the game. Outside of shames, in real life, Toast is a food that many people enjoy including Mario, Luigi and even George W. Bush. It is said that all toasters are able to toast toast. All of Nintendo's workers start their morning with toast, according to them. Shigeru Miyamoto is the only one that doesn't have toast in all the Nintendo offices and some say this is because he's evil. Toast was one of the three items turned into a piece of the Triforce, as the Triforce of Toast. Toast has recently started going missing. At first it was though to be an evil scheme by Pop Tart lovers. It was later discovered Croco was stealing toasters which are needed to make toast.

Shy Guy Adventure

Toast also appears in the shame Shy Guy Adventure, where you play as a Shy Guy who is obssessed with toast. One day, he discovers that both his toaster and toast hoard have been stolen. The toast itself doesn't appear until the end of the shame. Then, it appears that King K Rool is the mastermind behind stealing Shy Guy's toast. Shy Guy then proceeds to fight him, but he then uses the toaster to turn the toast into Evil Toast. It seems like this is the final boss, but when it eats bananas to heal, Donkey Kong goes bananas and punches the Evil Toast, turning it back to normal. Shy Guy must then team up with his toast to kill Donkey Kong, who then kidnaps King K Rool and escapes. The ending screen shows toast with Shy Guy screaming: Yeah Toast!

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