Your average toaster

A toaster is some sort of magic cookin' box that toast dem toast. It toast dem toast real good-like. Contrary to popular belief, the "toaster" is actually quite the sophisticated machinery! With a simple insertion of a simple slice of bread, it generates heat, and then corresponding energy transfers take place until said bread is toasted. So yeah, it toast dem toast good.

It is a well known fact of toasters that All Toasters Toast Toast. This is a little tidbit of wisdom provided to us by none other than Mario. While he was working in Hotel Mario, he made the discovery that all toasters toast toast. Nobody bothered to tell him that toasters actually toast bread.

Spartan Remix

YTPMV - all toasters toast toast (sparta remix)00:00

YTPMV - all toasters toast toast (sparta remix)

The Toaster sparta remix which Mario can't even sing.

A science team in the remote regions of The Shy Guy Kingdom have come up with a spartan remix of Mario's wisdom about toasters. This is not relevant in any way, but it's a spartan remix about toasters. Isn't that awesome? No? Well then, I guess you'll just have to watch it.

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