Toilet Paper: The Movie...2! is the sequel to Toilet Paper: THE MOVIE!. The first movie sucked so bad that they had to make a sequel with the remaining pieces of the first movie they had to get more money. But they knew nobody would buy it so they had to release it direct to video like BOO! and The Secret of MINH 2: Kenny to the Rescue.


Mario wanted to flush the toilet again but oh no!!! Your grandma appeared and stole the toilet paper and she fired her lazor!!!!KABOOM!!! Mario was falling!! And he saw a gigantic wall! Mario thought: what should i do? oh i know! 10 minutes later...Mario ate the whole wall!! Mario was fat CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had to exercise but it was too late...he crapped in his pants!!!!!!! He needs toilet paper but your grandma stole it!!!!!!!!!!!!mario saw toilet paper but not the golden toilet paper he had but he used it and became normal again....he was going to your grandma,s base. 10 hours later.... he finally was there and used a jetpack but it was to late she fired the toilet paper rocket!!!KABOOM KABOOM KABOOM!!!! But only your grandma died and Mario used the the toilet paper...the endor is it!!?!?!??!? giygas took mario,s toilet paper before mario used it oh no!!!!!!!!!then weegee,malleo and walleo appeared and were gonna help mario!!!!!!!!they sa,d giygas has their toilet paper too!!!!!!!!and then they came accross luigi and weege fought him 818282 hours later..... malleo fought peach 666 hours later...................... walleo fought wario and mario fought giygas giygas was defeated and mario got his toilet paper back the true end!


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