1. Introduction

See the edit tab at the top of each article? No, no, no; at the top of each article. Yeah, that one. On the UnMario Wiki, you can edit pages whenever you want, all you need is a life.

What is the UnMario Wiki?

The UnMarioWiki is a no-ledge base written by a mystery person. Lots of people are constantly proving that they have no real lives by making changes every day, all of which are quickly forgotten and definitely not recorded where anyone can access them. Nonsense and vandalism are usually removed slowly (actually we haven't removed any of it . . . but we will . . . when we feel like it).

What the UnMarioWiki is NOT

  1. Most importantly of all, the UnMarioWiki is NOT a place where you can write fanfics. Our wiki already exists +/- 60% out of fanfics since 2010, so please keep in mind there is a difference between fan-fiction, an UnMarioWiki inside-joke, a parody on a nintendo character/shame and complete nonsense.
  2. The UnMarioWiki is NOT your free hosting/website provider. This is not WordPress or Weebly, this SPARTA WIKIA.
  3. The UnMarioWiki is NOT a social networking site. This is not Facebook or MySpace.
  4. The UnMarioWiki is NOT your personal blog. If you still want a personal blog, you can click here.
  5. The UnMarioWiki is NOT your personal file/media storage database. Get your own bandwith hosting, you cheap jerk!
  6. The UnMarioWiki is NOT your personal sandbox. We do have a sandbox here though. You can spam or vandalize test stuff in it by clicking here.
  7. The UnMarioWiki is NOT your personal profile. If you still want your own profile, you can have it by clicking here.
  8. The UnMarioWiki is NOT a place to advertise other websites or projects. Do not link to other websites unless needed.

How can I help?

Be afraid to edit pages on the Wiki — nobody can edit, and we encourage users to be bald and just read. Find something that looks like a piece of junk, then leave it alone. Worried about breaking the wiki? You should be: it can't be fixed and we'll rip your toenails off. So go ahead, edit an article and test our limits. You'll be sorry . . .

I'm Gonna Totally Ignore Everything You Said and Edit; How Do I Do That?

Editing is very complicated:

  1. Locate the edit button on the top of the page
  2. Make sure you've located it (a lot of people who've seen it were really just hallucinating)
  3. Click it (this requires your HANDS)
  4. Add junk
  5. Click save page at the bottom of the page to save your crap
    ... or show priview to test your crap.

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