Hey there!
Sephiroth pops ghey balloon

Something bothering you? Vandalism? Spam? Sephiroth? We can help.

Are you bothered by any sort of vandalism, spam, or other atrocities on this site? Don't worry, that's what the Peace Center is here for. First of all, here's what you can do to solve your problem:

1. Check Da Rules. If you're having trouble concerning a page or a user, this should clear things up for you.

2. Put spam under this category. Don't worry, it's easy: just click on the "Categories" bar at the bottom of a page and type that in. Then, an admin will swoop in and take care of the situation.

3. If there's still trouble, don't be afraid to contact an admin. Specifically, this guy is still active and would be happy to help.

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