Our hosting company, Wikia, has made some changes to the design and format of its wikis, to better support its advertisers, and present a more uniform look across its hosted sites. These changes went into effect on Un-Mario on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008. For more information, see their page on the changes.

How does this affect Un-Mario Wiki?

  • Our content has not changed - you will have access to the same no-ledge.
  • Our contributors have not changed.

Dude, the only thing that's changed is the way the stuff is displayed:

  • For most of its existence, Un-Mario has used "Monobook" for it's skin. While logged-in users can still use this skin, all visitors, anonymous users, and logged-in users who have not changed this option see the "Monaco" skin.
  • Advertisers are looking for more prominent advertisements. Consequently, logged-in users may now see a 300px × 250px ad appear on article, image and category pages in the top right corner. Non-logged-in users may see additional advertisements automatically inserted into our content.
  • Our infoboxes will be slowly be made larger to align with the new ad box.
  • Other minor style changes are taking place to better align the site with its new design.

Administrators that know CSS can help work on new CSS files at MediaWiki:Monaco.css to change the appearance to make it better.

Some "side effects" may occur as page formatting is changed, so excuse us if things don't look right for the first few days. We will be working to fix any problems that show up.

Thank you, and we hope you continue using Un-Mario Wiki!

-- The admins, October 15th, 2008

How to view Un-Mario in Monobook

If you like Monobook better (fine, be a n00b), please carry out the following steps:

  1. Log in (only registered users can set a personal skin)
  2. Go to the Special:Preferences page, or select 'my preferences' from the user menu at top right, in the 'More' dropdown
  3. Select the 'Skin' tab
  4. From the radio button skin selection, choose 'MonoBook' if it is not already selected
  5. Untick the Let the admins override my skin choice option (the Monaco skin will take precedence otherwise)
  6. Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page

You may need to clear your browser's cache to ensure the correct skin is visible.

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