The UnMario Gangsters were a group of spammers (rumored to be hungry Goombas) who attacked UnMarioWiki, during Bill Cosby's depression time. Thier names were Guyguyguy, Alala, GDawg816, Aid-an, Yuna, Hinanana and a guy known as THE GRINCH (he stole Christmas that day). The seven attacked and Ronald McDonald immediately ran over to Bill Cosby's office and told Bill Cosby. Bill however promoted Ronald to 'crat and let him take care of everything. Once the criminals were sent to jail, Ronald was demoted back to sysop. The criminals make an appearance as minor enemies in Super UnMarioWiki Mascots 64. They occasionally work with the UnMario Criminals, named You001, Dark312m, Lighty, WaddleDoo, and Li-008.

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