The UnWorld. Note the supercontinent Cosbica.

Where: In a quantum multiverse
Inhabitants/Residents: Over 9 000 000 001 inhabitants
When created/discovered Found by Bob Saget
Size: approx. 53 5063 km³

The UnWorld is a large planet, discovered by Candy during herGreat Trip Through Space. It is 40% land and 60% ocean. It has five continents, plus some islands. It has a wide variety of inhabitants, and a direct portal to Earth. The continents are Cosbica, Eeh Three, Eeh Four (it was made in the Katsu War), Cee Pii Yu, PHILIPS, and Minoan Crete. It has currently exploded


50,000 BC: Candy was born by Bill Cosby and Greeah.

49,999 BC: Bill Cosby leaves to continue exploring the Universe.

40,000 BC: The giant flood that makes 70% water and 30% land.

24,837 BC: Humans start living on UnWorld.

929 BC: Famous creatures of the UnWorld starts to live here.

1738 BC: The Great Wars.

01885 AC: The Return of Candy.

1 AC: Mario and Luigi initiate a coup d'état on the UnWorld.

1985 - 1999 AC: Mario returns to Toad Town and everybody likes him in the UnWorld because of the good stuff he did.

2000 AC: Aliens attack the planet and suck 10% water out of the planet.

2009 AC: Battle for the UnWorld; the Evil Poff and Tsepelcory try to take the planet.

2009.5 AC: The Katsu War begins and a portion of Eeh Three breaks off, creating Eeh Four, the dwarf continent.


2012 AC: Presumed end of the planet Earth.

2013 AC: Revival of the UnMarioWiki.

3029 AC: PLANET FULLY RECOVERED and Candys death.

10,000 AC: 10,000th anniversary of Candy.

49,999 AC: 1 year before the 50,000th anniversary of Candy.

50,000 AC: 50,000th anniversary of Candy Cents, the living Kung-Fu coin, stops Rove from eating Bario.

1: ACSR (After Cents Stopped Rove): The 2nd Great Flood; UnWorld Has 80% water and 20% earth.

868 ACSR: Aliens suck 30% water from the planet.

6757 ACSR: UnWorld War I.

7987 ACSR: UnWorld War II.

50,000 ACSR: 100,000th anniversary of Katsu War.

100,000 ACSR: Era of The Darkness, when the Happy Sun burnt out :(.

1,000,000 ACSR: 1,000,000th anniversary of Bill Cosby finding the UnWorld.

1,000,000,00 ACSR: Hax and Dr. Hax takes over.

1,000,000,000,000 ACSR: Hax's and Dr Hax's Era ends; Deidara is killed by Bob Saget.

1,000,000,000,000,5 ACSR: Some mysterious garbage hits the planet.

1, Great war II.

100, Bill Cosby discovers a black hole 2000 light years away from the UnWorld.

1,000,000,000,000,000: Black hole is now a lightyears away from the UnWorld. (man, it's fast!) End of the earth. KATSU WAR ENDS but all human died because of the Butt Pound.

0CN: The future, it is believed that Chuck Norris will descend from heaven (again) and roundhouse kick the black hole in the face.