Userpedian Generals were three evil bureaucrauts from Userpedia who led the Userpedian attempt to conquer the UnWorld so they could make it part of Userpedia and move all their crap onto that world. They were UserBill, UserFred and UserJeff and the three of them had super crat powers as well as a super eating ability, which allowed them to do many things such as eat sushi in one bite...without the chopsticks. Bill looked like an evil Luigi (and he also resembled some dude named Master Crash), Fred looked like a Yoshi with sunglasses or something, and Jeff looked like some guy who's head kept exploding. They were actually minions of Big Boss, the leader of Userpedia.

During their conquest, the cops immediately chased them. UserFred charged at Eeh Three and ran into Shigeru Miyamoto. Shiggy fired lasers at UserFred, UserFred used martisal arts skills to avoid them, then threw something at Siggy and Shiggy is almost knocked out. Shiggy uses the Nintendo SD and hits UserFred turning him into Stone. Shiggy grabbed the Home run bat and beat him up and tossed him into jail. UserBill then led the attack on PHILIPS, and went to Hyrule where he met face to face with The King of Hyrule. UserBill tried to escape but The King threw the powerful DINNER at him. UserBill was badly injured and almost died however because he had his super eating abilities survived. The ambulance arrived and the doctors wanted to take him to the hospital but the police arrived and took him to jail. At the same time, UserJeff and his armies attacked Cee Pii Yu. When UserJeff attacked, he personally attacked Microsoft Island. However, thanks to backup from the other countries of Cee Pii Yu, they were able to fight off the army. UserJeff almost defeated the leaders of the new group, however, but was blasted in the back and defeated by an energy ray from Bill Gates. He was then taken to prison. After Big Boss appeared, he blew up the prison, killing all three generals.

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