The WHOA!verse is the place where all games by NintenWHOA! take place. So far, there has only been two shames. The WHOA!verse makes great pancakes, but should not be confused with the House of Pancakes.


Whoa city

The WHOA!verse.

The WHOA!verse is kind of like your average urban universe, but the word WHOA! is plastered everywhere,every time. People are known to say WHOA! a lot, and it gets annoying that you kill yourself.

Whoah announcement

An announcement in New York My house London for the latest WHOAH! event in the backyard of the WHOA!house.


Whoa! House

The capital of the WHOA!verse, the WHOA!house.

The WHOA!house is where the Presidunce lives.

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