Handle again the WHOA!, WHOA!.

WHOA 2! THE WHOANESS OF WHOA! is a game released for the Nintendo 666 . WHOA!. It was rated EC for Early Childhood by ERSB, althogh there are lots of bad stuff in it.


Luigi, WawaBowser, Mario and WaTumble were watching the Olympics when Bianca Rinaldy appeared and invited Mario to dinner at Pig's Mud Plaza, Mario as the pig he is, accepted; but WaTumble didn't and kidnapped Mario! Suddenly WawaBowser needed to go in the kitchen (the reason is unknown). Then Luigi and Bianca Rinaldy are now trying to see who saves Mario first! WHOA!


In the game you choose if you wanna play with Luigi or Bianca Rinaldy (although I highly recommend you not choose Rinaldy because she's just a loser)

  • Luigi's Goal: Save Mario for making him watch TV.
  • Bianca's Goal: Make Mario eat pig food.


  • Pursuiting WaTumble
    • You have to pursue WaTumble shouting everytime WHOA! higher than him.
  • WawaBowser's Fried Egg
    • Just fry WawaBowser's Egg and say WHOA! when it jumps louder than WawaBowser
  • Bianca vs. Luigi
    • In this stage you two will fight to death SHOUTING WHOA! (or until one say: BATHROOM!)
  • WawaBowser will kill the Rat
    • Kill the Rat in the kitchen by saying WHOA! in a Megaphone the louder you can
  • World of Nothing
    • Just keep saying WHOA! 'til you find the exit
  • The Wawawatermelon
    • Kill it with WawaBowser shoting WHOA! for it to explode
  • WaTumble's Castle
    • Destroy the castle shouting WHOA!
  • WaTumble's WHOAED Showdown
    • So be careful because WaTumble can also shout WHOA!: WHOA!


  • Although it's rated EC, there's lots of blood and violence and TONS of WHOA!
  • The Rat is Tumble and Peach disguised
  • The bathroom from WHOA! was exploded
  • After you save Mario, WaTumble says: WHOA!
  • Mario really likes pig food, the same works for Bianca.
  • This game is compatible with the Whoatastic Ear Protecter.


  • Graphics: WHOA
  • Sound: WHOA
  • Gameplay: WHOA


  • Because of the loudness of WHOA, ERSB re-rated the game EEB for Early-Early Babyhood.
  • Some people criticized the game for some reason because the bathroom was destroyed.

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